Printed Wall Calendar with spiral (13+1 SHEETS) | 10 pieces

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The perfect gift for your business partners and clients, especially during the holiday season, who will appreciate and use it all year long, is the calendar. Corporate calendars are an affordable and affordable all-year-round advertising solution for small and large businesses, providing plenty of space for business logos, figures and photos. POP11 suggests magnetic diaries, desktop calendars, pocket calendars, or office calendars as the perfect options for promoting your business. The wall calendar is the most common calendar format that offers plenty of room for photos and ads, so it is an ideal choice for clubs, clubs and groups offering them significant revenue.

Printing Information:

  • Suggested dimensions: Α4 (29,7 x 21cm) ή Α3 (29,7 × 42cm)
  • 4-color Velvet 150gr paper with cardboard back
  • Minimum order quantity 10 pieces

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Specifications of files to print

  • Files to be printed should be in high resolution .pdf format.

  • Photos should always be CMYK and at 300 dpi (in physical size).

  • The fonts and elements of your template should be linear: convert to curves for Corel Draw and create outlines for Illustrator & InDesign.

  • 3mm cuts on each side and cutting points.Cutting points should be registration. All elements of your mockup (letters, photos, drawings, logos) are at least 5mm through the cut points.

  • Shows the folding points if your form folds.

Caution: POP11 bears no responsibility and will not replace you in the event of a design or color error if the above specifications are not met.

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