A traditional way of advertising for events, exhibitions, performances, concerts, premieres, as well as a cheap way of decorating in the office or at home are posters.

In POP11 you can print posters:

  • in the basic dimensions – 35 × 50cm, 50 × 70cm, 61 × 86cm, 70 × 100cm, but also larger sizes up to 1.50m

  • with digital or offset printing

  • on illustration or velvet paper accordingly with your needs

  • with matte or shiny lamination of the poster for longer life

Do not have a mock-up? The creative part of POP11 undertakes the design of the poster to create your poster. You will send us the items you want to be listed and the photographic material along with the size and shape specifications at and we will send you the print offer directly.

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