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Christmas decoration Sticker for shop window with perimeter cut and transfer tape for easy installation, excellent quality and low price.
Decorate your space with Christmas stickers.They are very easy to install and remove without leaving marks on glass, wall and smooth surfaces.
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The stickers to be delivered consist of three parts:

For installing the sticker you will need:

Note: Tools are not included in the package
Step 1ο
Clean the surface you place the sticker with a dry cloth or paper.
Step 2ο

Place the sticker on the surface you want to place. Support the sticker using the paper tape.
Step 3ο

First remove the tape from one side. Peel the application tape along with the sticker from the backing paper to the waist (center paper).
Attention!! Part of the sticker (especially if it is made up of small pieces) may remain stuck to the backing paper. Reset the application tape and press with the plastic spatula until the sticker sticks to the application tape.
Step 4ο

Then, with a scissor or a cutter cut the backing paper as shown.
Step 5ο

Glue the application tape with the sticker onto the surface. With the help of a plastic spatula, press on the sticker to stick the sticker on the surface.
Step 6ο
You have half the sticker applied to the surface. You can remove the tape from the center and repeat steps 3,4 & 5 to complete the sticker installation.
Step 7ο
First we press the plastic spatula all over the application tape on the surface to avoid any part of the sticker remaining on the transfer film. Then start removing the application tape carefully at an angle of 180 degrees.